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Sales. Business development. Marketing. Recruitment. The building blocks of my professional and lived experiences led me to co-found Full Umbrella. I witnessed barriers in the recruitment process that left candidates without guidance, opportunity, and advocates for their talents. On the flip side, I saw all the ways companies missed out on opportunities to boost their revenue and culture through a genuine commitment to inclusivity. I value my long-lasting client relationships and believe in the tenfold power of an honest conversation.
Product, Product, Product! I love a fluid product flow that makes me feel good from start to finish. I'm even more obsessed with placing the folks who make it happen.

From Directors of Product to Senior Design Leaders to CS Managers, my recruiting expertise and focus is in the product, design, growth, and engineering leadership space.

Adjacent to all things product, I love the post sales journey as well and have placed a plethora of customer success and support roles.

As a co-founder and recruiter, I'm excited to continue making an impact with clients that prioritize growth, passion and equality.

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