Empowering Change: Engaging and Retaining Justice-Impacted Talent (TBA: Summer 2024)

Join us for an inspiring and transformative training event, "Empowering Change: Engaging and Retaining Justice-Impacted Talent."

This event is in partnership with Persevere and is dedicated to enlightening companies and teams on the immense value and potential of integrating justice-impacted individuals into the workforce.
Persevere is an organization committed to changing lives through education, offering a comprehensive one-year programming course that enables individuals behind bars to emerge as skilled full-stack developers. Beyond technical training, Persevere provides life-skills education, support services, and transitional housing, leading to remarkable success stories among its graduates. In a visionary move to extend the impact, the founder also established Banyan Labs, a tech firm that offers these talented individuals crucial software development experience in a real-world team environment, ensuring they have the necessary skills for a successful career in technology.
This event aims to guide companies and teams on:- Understanding the unique experiences and strengths of the justice-impacted community.- Developing inclusive hiring practices that not only recruit but also retain justice-impacted talent.- The importance of becoming a "second chance" employer and the steps to achieve this status.
This Event is Free with RSVP Required! (Link coming soon)